Stand out in the workplace and give yourself a competitive edge with ABE’s digital short courses.  These programmes have been carefully selected to provide skills that will be most sought-after in the years ahead, based on analysis by the World Economic Forum (industry 4.0).

Innovative Workplace Upskill

Essential digital short courses for Industry 4.0
from an internationally-recognised skills specialist

ABE UpSkill is a NEW online learning platform giving you easy access to online short courses covering the most essential skills that employers look for.
For every course you complete you will earn an e-Certificate from ABE, a UK-based, internationally-recognised skills development specialist, which has been providing professional business qualifications since 1973.

ABE UpSkill is a great addition to your existing studies, but it also works as standalone learning, useful for continuous professional development (CPD), or if you are just starting your career. With e-Certificates your new skills will be immediately visible to employers as you collect and share your credentials.

ABE UpSkill is highly affordable with no hidden charges. We are offering ABE UpSkill through our global network of ‘accredited centres’ which means you can get set-up locally.
We’ve designed three great value packs for you to choose from. All of the courses are delivered on a modern, intuitive and engaging platform. The content is based on the ‘real-world’ business needs of employers everywhere.

& Benefits

Our modern, intuitive, engaging platform delivers content based on the ‘real world’ business needs and boasts the following great features:

You will receive an ABE digital certificate of achievement after every course successfully completed providing immediate visibility to employers!



#70,000 Per Year
Save 58%

PACK 1 (5 Courses)


N120,000 Per Year
Save 58%

Pack 2 (10 Courses)


#180,000 Per Year
Save 61%

PACK 3 (27 Courses)

Includes Packs 1 & 2  PLUS:


COVID-19 Workplace Safety module
with every purchase of any ABE UpSkill pack